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The Lawfare Project (LP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a legal think tank and litigation fund that arranges pro bono legal representation for the pro-Israel and counterterrorism communities. We facilitate legal actions that protect the civil and human rights of these communities, halt the funding of terrorism, punish those who engage in unlawful commercial discrimination against Jews and Israelis, and combat the persistent abuses of U.S. and international legal systems by those who oppose democracy and liberty. Our primary goal is to battle lawfare—the abuse of the law as a weapon of war against Israel, the Jews and the West. The LP has become the preeminent organization on the frontline of the lawfare battle, responding proactively to the efforts of those who wish to subvert our freedoms.

Jewish communities across the globe are facing rampant violations of our civil rights and, in large part, the response has been complaining, advocacy campaigns, and letter-writing. The LP realized that it is time to take an aggressive approach to protecting, advancing, and empowering the Jewish people. The best way to show that we are not victims—and will not be vulnerable to these attacks—is to hold the perpetrators accountable in courts of law around the world. This is the LP’s mission and, since our inception, we have been accomplishing it. We do so by:

  • Mobilizing attorneys – recruiting ideologically aligned legal experts into our network, either individually or through their firms’ pro bono departments;
  • Empowering them by financing the cases they bring through our Legal Fund (the “litigation war chest,” further discussed below); and
  • Commanding them by directing a multinational litigation strategy, where each strategic lawsuit solves a problem in its respective jurisdiction. Moreover, we coordinate these legal actions across jurisdictions so that our attorneys can not only learn from one another, but to ensure that our cases complement each other and set precedent that can be used across jurisdictions.

The LP was established as a direct response to the void that existed in the diverse world of Jewish organizations. We are the legal arm of the Jewish and pro-Israel communitythe only formalized entity operating to assert the legal rights of the Jewish people around the globe by financing legal actions anywhere and everywhere our rights are being violated. We manage the only pro-Israel Legal Fund in existence to provide free legal services to our entire community. The Fund is overseen by an Advisory Board composed of world-class legal experts, who support our strategic process by choosing the best causes of action for maximum impact.

Normally, when individuals or entities seek legal representation, they engage one lawyer or law firm. Conversely, the LP has constructed a network including over a dozen law firms and more than 300 practitioners who are internationally recognized as the preeminent figures in their respective practice areas. When clients seek our help with complex matters, we build the most effective team possible by bringing in the best attorney(s) and firms for each discrete issue.


If you are an attorney who wishes to defend our first amendment right to free speech on matters of national security, please contact us and include your full name, email, telephone number, employer/position, and area of practice:

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