Trump Must Take on the United Nations (The Algemeiner)

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By Thane Rosenbaum

For all the talk on the political scene about draining the swamp, there is one entity — conveniently located on the East River of New York City — which deserves to be cast adrift if not altogether drowned (certainly more so than Meals on Wheels or Sesame Street).

Yes, that laughably ironic misnomer known as the United Nations, where nations are united only in their hatred of Israel, is now under the kind of scrutiny it has never before experienced. For decades, the UN received a blank check of $8 billion from the United States, and allowed unpaid parking tickets to accumulate with diplomatic immunity.

American presidents never bothered to ask what the United States was getting for its money other than hundreds of resolutions condemning its ally — Israel, while rogue states that slaughtered millions and gave barbarism a bad name got away without even a summons.

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