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The LP launched the Legal Fund in 2014 to finance and facilitate both offensive and defensive legal actions in various categories aimed at securing, protecting, and advancing the legal rights of the the pro-human rights and counterterrorism communities. LP has recruited more than 350 lawyers worldwide who are committed to providing pro bono or reduced-rate legal services for counter-lawfare cases. The LP is the only organization to provide lawfare victims with representation as well as financial support. The Legal Fund finances litigation in the following general categories:

  • Material support for terrorism
  • BDS and unlawful discrimination
  • War crimes charges against terror-sponsoring states and their leaders
  • Defamation and libel lawfare
  • Challenging the tax-exempt status of entities engaged in terror financing and anti-democratic activity
  • Countering lawfare initiatives at the UN and in international courts and tribunals
  • Title VI and free speech on university campuses