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There are two fronts in war against Islamist terrorism, the violent and the non-violent, and the greatest non-violent threat posed to Israel is lawfare, or “legal subversion.”

Terrorists and their sympathizers understand that where they cannot win by advocating for and exercising violence, they can attempt to undermine our willingness and capacity to fight them using legal means. An orchestrated campaign has been spearheaded to frustrate and hinder the ability of the counter-terror community to fight and defeat the Islamist threat. Such legal maneuvering, which directly complements terrorists’ actions on the battlefield, must be countered.

View our documentary, “Camp Jihad,” depicting UNRWA’s illegal indoctrination of Palestinian children and incitement to violence.

Some of The Lawfare Project’s work in the field of counterterrorism includes:

  • Legal actions against domestic nonprofit organizations that may be providing material support to designated terror groups, either through material support litigation or the revocation of their tax-exempt status due to their ongoing operations in contravention of established American public policy
  • Working to prosecute individuals leading such nonprofit organizations
  • Lawsuits against terror front organizations masquerading as charities in Europe, Canada, and the United States
  • Material support for terrorism actions against individuals and institutions providing any type of material support to terrorist groups and states (including the aforementioned domestic 501(c)(3) organizations, international financial institutions, and non-state groups and actors both at home and abroad).

Recent LP actions in the counter-terror legal battle include:

  • Shutting Down Hamas and Hezbollah TV: The LP discovered that two U.S.-based companies, Al Manar and Al Aqsa TV, were unlawfully broadcasting Hamas and Hezbollah TV in the U.S. We delivered a legal memo to law enforcement analyzing the potential criminal liability of these companies. A criminal investigation ensued and both networks were banned from broadcasting.
  • Defeating Terror Sponsors: After a warning by the LP of liability that would ensue under federal laws prohibiting the provision of material support to terrorism, Rutgers University ceased the funding of pro-flotilla groups US2GAZA, Baka and Code Pink, which the LP demonstrated to be connected to Hamas.
  • Defunding Hate Education: The LP briefed members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on violations of U.S. law stemming from unbridled funding of UNRWA, including calling for the inclusion of an audit requirement in UNRWA funding legislation—which was subsequently added
  • Incitement to violence in elementary school textbooks: The LP is currently bringing a legal action to protect the rights of children and stop the production and distribution of Arab textbooks that incite violence and hate, and breed a new generation of terrorists committed to killing Westerners.
  • War crimes charges against leaders of terror groups and state sponsors: The LP is pursuing war crimes charges against terror leaders and state sponsors of terrorism in jurisdictions with favorable extradition treaties, so that we can bring these terrorists to justice. Terror leaders must be prosecuted in national and international legal tribunals for war crimes, crimes of terrorism and crimes against humanity.
  • Terror financing lawsuits in Europe: The LP is currently bringing suit under Italy’s material support laws against groups raising funds for Italian-designated terror organizations including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).
  • Public education: LP Director Brooke Goldstein produced and directed an award-winning documentary film, The Making of a Martyr, which uncovers the illegal, state-sponsored indoctrination and recruitment of Palestinian children for suicide-homicide attacks. Filming Martyr, Brooke secured firsthand interviews with active and armed members of the Al-Aqsa, Fatah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas terrorist groups as well as with families of suicide bombers, children imprisoned for attempting to blow themselves up, teachers at terrorist-run schools, and others involved in the phenomenon of child suicide bombing. Martyr is currently broadcast on television stations throughout the globe and is ranked as IMDb’s seventh most popular title on the West Bank. Purchase your copy here.