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AAINJUL (Attorneys and Academics for International and National Justice Under Law) is a growing global network of lawyers from various practice areas who have dedicated themselves to counter-lawfare initiatives, including defending the victims of lawfare and litigating against major human rights violators. AAINJUL attorneys are asked to commit their legal services pro bono or at reduced rates in order to combat the lawfare threat. The Lawfare Project has built a network of more than 350 attorneys around the world who have joined us through AAINJUL and we are grateful for the legal services and advice that they provide.

Of all the battles facing the West and liberal democracies, the legal battle is one that can undoubtedly be won and for which we have no excuse to lose. AAINJUL attorneys work together with Lawfare Project staff to analyze potential causes of action, secure legal representation for lawfare victims, provide research and other legal support for counter-lawfare cases. The Project also works to raise funds to supplement the litigation-related fees and court costs.

Moreover, this initiative officially launched the Amicus Brief Project (ABP), which will facilitate the filing of amicus (“friend of the court”) briefs in pending cases around the world with the purpose of influencing judicial opinion against lawfare arguments. With AAINJUL and the ABP, the LP can effectively reverse lawfare delegitimization precedents set against democratic states (such as the United States and Israel), and can ensure that terror front organizations are held legally accountable for their actions.

If you are a practicing attorney and are interested in becoming a member of AAINJUL, please fill out the form below.