Legal fight starts for Belgian kashrut (The Jewish Chronicle)

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By Lianne Kolirin
November 30, 2017 

A ban on shechita in Belgium is being legally challenged by the country’s Jewish community.

Earlier this year the parliaments of the country’s two main regions, Wallonia and Flanders, passed laws to outlaw religious slaughter, covering both kosher and halal meat.

Wallonia unanimously voted to do so in May while Flanders, home to half of the country’s Jewish community and the majority of kosher facilities, followed suit in July.

The lawsuit by the Belgian Federation of Jewish Organizations, known by its French initials CCOJB, submitted the lawsuit against the Walloon decision yesterday. It is being supported by The Lawfare Project, a legal think tank and civil rights litigation fund which aims to stand up to antisemitic discrimination around the world.

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