Kuwait Airways Faces Further Legal Action Over Its Discriminatory Policy of Refusing to Fly Israeli Passengers (Algemeiner)

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By Barney Breen-Portnoy

Kuwait Airways is once again facing a legal challenge over its discriminatory policy of refusing to fly Israeli passengers.

The Lawfare Project — a US-based pro-Israel nonprofit legal group — has filed a complaint with a German court in a bid to shut down the carrier’s layover flights that link Europe with non-Arab League countries, such as India and Thailand.

Past Lawfare Project efforts have already led to Kuwait Airways halting service on US-Europe and inter-European routes.

The plaintiff in the latest case booked a ticket on Kuwait Airways to fly from Frankfurt to Bangkok, with a layover at Kuwait International Airport. Just before the first flight, according to the Lawfare Project, the airline — Kuwait’s flag carrier — cancelled the ticket after learning the plaintiff held Israeli citizenship.

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