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Lawfare proponents are known for filing frivolous and malicious defamation lawsuits targeting anyone brave enough to speak openly on issues of terrorism and national security. These libel lawfare actions are designed to silence and punish the exercise of free speech by anyone not subscribing to the pro-terror narrative. Libel lawfare, combined with slanderous accusations of “Islamophobia”, has lead to a detrimental chilling effect in the counter-terror community, where FBI, IDF and other officials (including members of government and the media) engage in self-censorship about Islamist terror in order not to appear “anti-Muslim.”

Defamation and libel lawfare

  • The LP provides pro bono representation of members of the international counter-terrorism community when they are attacked with frivolous libel lawfare suits, including thoseworking with, and advising, law enforcement agencies worldwide. We have financed the defense of several prominent media and counter-terror personnel who were legally attacked for their exercise of free speech.
  • We continue to provide financial support to lawfare victims including Ezra Levant, who was sued for his media exposure of radical Islamists in Canada and for republishing the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.
  • We are currently engaged in libel lawfare actions in the United States and Europe in order to protect the rights advocates who have spoken publicly and published articles identifying certain individuals’ ties to radical Islam. We provide pro bono counsel and consultation, and facilitate pro bono litigation representation where necessary.

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