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Legislative Fight Against BDS

LP has been consults with partner organizations as well as state and federal legislators to help strengthen the language of anti-BDS legislation to accomplish the goal of prohibiting and penalizing commercial discrimination. We advocate for the continued passage of state and federal contracting bills, such as those recently signed into law in Indiana and South Carolina, as well as anti-discrimination legislation which targets any individual or group refusing to engage in commercial activity with any corporation based on ethnicity or national origin.

LP drafted a strong and effective memorandum directed to corporate counsels at international corporations faced with BDS activism. We analyzed existing laws and pending legislation at both the state and federal level and revealed that the legislative battle against BDS is gaining increased momentum every day, and that U.S. public policy is vehemently opposed to BDS-inspired discrimination. Our continued work in this area is dedicated to ensuring that commercial BDS is prohibited and punished throughout the United States, and that the laws ultimately enacted are strong, effective and enduring.