Controversy Over Palestinian Plane Hijacker’s Planned Appearance in Spain

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MAY 11, 2017

The Jordan-based Leila Khaled is a convicted terrorist and member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The Spanish government – and the city of Barcelona – are under fire for failing to thwart plans for PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled to speak at a radical book festival that starts in Spain on Friday.

Israel’s Ambassador to Spain Daniel Kutner told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday: “I hope the former airplane hijacker will not be allowed to set foot in Europe in general, and in Spain in particular. I raised the subject of her scheduled participation in an event in a city-managed venue with the higher authorities at Barcelona, conveying our position on the subject.”

Brooke Goldstein, an attorney and director of the Lawfare Project in New York City, told the Post: “Khaled’s visit to Spain is nothing but a propaganda tour aimed at promoting and glorifying terror, and those responsible for hosting her are providing material support to terrorism due to her ongoing affiliation with the PFLP. “Terrorists with blood on their hands have no right, and should not be allowed, to recruit sympathizers in Western democracies. The Lawfare Project is therefore deeply concerned with the security issues surrounding Khalid’s visit and will continue to work together with the relevant authorities to prevent this terrorist from achieving her goals in Spain or anywhere else she travels.”

Khaled advocates BDS, as well as the use of violence against Israel and Israelis.

Ignacio-Wenley Palacios Iglesias, the lawyer for the Spanish office of the Lawfare Project, told the Post, “After the protests raised by Khaled’s visit, the government of the City Council of Barcelona – ruled by a coalition of Left and radical Left councilors – has attempted to put some distance from Khaled’s presentation at this self-described ‘radical book fair.’ This simply will not fly: Khaled’s visit is the central event of this book fair.”

Iglesias said the Barcelona governmental agencies involved “have very explicit duties of avoiding using public funds in projects or events intermingled with members of a terrorist group… The Lawfare Project has made sure that every relevant agency in Spain is aware that these records and accounts need to be monitored, audited, and in my opinion, frozen.”

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