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Campus BDS

LP acts as a resource and advocate for students whose speech is silenced by the BDS movement on campus, either through terror supporting campus groups such as SJP and MSA, or by professors and/or administrators who intimidate students whose political views diverge from their own. We work with students to find creative ways to amplify their voices, and make clear that attempts to suppress free speech on campus will be met with stronger, louder speech. Events like these bring to light the hypocrisy of academic institutions suppressing speech, while simultaneously broadcasting the important dialogue intended to be exposed.

LP is undertaking an extensive investigation into the connection between designated terrorist organizations and on-campus groups. We are working with private intelligence agencies to identify potential legal avenues available to stop these groups from operating on U.S. campuses, and to bring illegal activities such as fraud and money-laundering to the attention of law enforcement.

Challenging Campus BDS Through Litigation

Through Know Your Rights and the EndBDS Coalition, LP will be increasing our on-campus presence and offering our legal services to any students exposed to discrimination or bigotry. We expect that the demand for these services will continue to grow this year as it has in the past, and this exposure will likely bring new and decisive opportunities to litigate on behalf of the interests of the communities we serve, not only to defend them from attack but to proactively change the narrative and set appropriate precedents nationwide.

We will file Title VI cases in appropriate circumstances against colleges and universities nationwide, if they are failing to protect our students and professors, and allowing an environment of harassment and intimidation to continue despite Title VI legal obligations and further DoE guidelines. It is absolutely vital that we litigate these cases until we set a precedent consistent with the DoE’s interpretation of Title VI, which protects student advocates from the many threats they face because of their ethnicity or national origin.

If (and when) Voices4Justice events, or other pro-human rights or counterterror events are cancelled or violently interrupted, LP will be standing by to file First Amendment, criminal and tort suits against the schools and the BDS-inspired actors silencing this critically important speech.

LP has already taken successful legal action in furtherance of these goals at Rutgers University and Boston University. Through our Legal Fund, we will be the principal organization facilitating litigation and other legal action on behalf of the pro-Israel community.